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When you attend family events and they ask what you do for a living. Professional student.
University Memes
Write a personal statement. I don't even know who i am anymore
I said study!!!!!!
My relatives: how's college going for you so far? Me: I have no idea what I'm doing but i know I'm dong it really really well
When you discover the deadline is tomorrow
Student drop off. Town landfill
Do you like my paper, professor? I wrote it with my tears
Every student right now. I'm fine. It's just that life is pointless and nothing matters and I'm always tired.
Me rewarding myself after opening my laptop, opening up the appropriate PowerPoint slides, and arranging my notes neatly
When all your friends are talking about the jobs the applied for online and you just finished a survey to find out what type of bread you are
If ever a picture described college, this is it
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