Bad Memes

Me acting surprised when i get a bad grade for an assignment i did overnight
How's your semester going?
Me: things can't possibly get any worse. Things:
When you study a lot but get bad grades and no sleep
University Memes
Whoever invented Harvard referencing I will look for you, I will find you, and i will kill you
When you're writing an essay and trying to hit that 500 word count
Professor: The test won't be that difficult. Me. TO YOU.
When you start working on your homework then minutes before you're supposed to turn it in
When you think about all the weird answers you wrote on the exam
When you know you've not done well but you're just proud you've finished your assignment
When all your friends are talking about the jobs the applied for online and you just finished a survey to find out what type of bread you are
How you look when you about to go for your first job interview
When you study a lot but get bad grades and no sleep
That moment when the test is so hard that you have to check if you're still alive
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