Bad Memes

Me acting surprised when i get a bad grade for an assignment i did overnight
How's your semester going?
Me: things can't possibly get any worse. Things:
When you study a lot but get bad grades and no sleep
University Memes
Me. Doesn't do any assignments. Professor. You're failing the class. Me.
When you're so over an assignment and you know proofreading it will just make you sad
I said study!!!!!!
Me at the start of uni vs me 5 months in
An now we ray to the Turnitin gods
Professor Dog. How to be a good boy. Help, I find my teacher cute.
Essay must be 5 pages?

Double space, large font, got it
Me: I have to stop procrastinating and do all of this work. Me 5 minutes later.
Keep calm and act like you know what your're doing
Not everyone did so well on this assignment. Me. Whoo! He's talking about me
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