Cat Memes

Revision level cat
If this doesn't sum up my uni experience so far. Why do dogs and cats not get along.
Trying to study? Let me help you
When you lie on your resume but still get the job
University Memes
How i felt when i was in high school.  How i feel in college
Professor: attendance isn't mandatory
Me: has been writing for hours. My word count.
I don't always read your essays but when i do I'm usually disappointed
Friends: how long did you sleep for? Me: 8 Friend: Hours? Me Minutes
You need to start your essay earlier next time
Chat : Can't. Email. I cannot. Essay of 3000 words: Henceforth, i am unable to can.
Last five minutes of exam
Me rushing home after Uni to do absolutely nothing
Maybe if I just lay here instead of studying all the information will come to me
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