Challenge Memes

You can't finish this assignment in one day. Challenge accepted.
What i do when a teacher says this cannot be done the night before. Adhere to the warning. Take it as a personal challenge.
University Memes
You need to start your essay earlier next time
Studying is just a combination of student and dying
Me at the start of uni vs me 5 months in
Revision level cat
Eating in college. Expectations. Reality.
One day before the exam i become the most religious person on Earth
What is happening on the blackboard. What is happening in my head.
Maybe if I just lay here instead of studying all the information will come to me
Three pages into writing the paper I realize that i have no idea what i'm doing
Me in high school taking 8 classes and staying for extracurriculars. Me in college when i have more than 2 classes in a single day.
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