Cheating Memes

Copied test for classmate. Got higher mark than him.
Can i copy you assignment? Yeah, but change it a bit.
Me waiting for the percentage of plagiarism to be revealed on my assignment
In Bangkok University student are made to wear anti cheating helmets during midterm exams
When you've submitted an essay and waiting to see how much plagiarism Turnitin picks up on
University Memes
When everyone already finished school but you still have exams
It's time to do my homework. 1 minute later. 3 minutes later. oooh!!! look its a fly
If this doesn't sum up my uni experience so far. Why do dogs and cats not get along.
Keep calm and act like you know what your're doing
Before entering my exams
Lecturer: this is not an assignment you can complete overnight. Me: Bet.
College ID photo FB ID photo
When you don't go to class but your friend helps you sign your lecture attendance
Going to class. Watching YouTube videos
And just like that poof weekend gone
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