College student has to do college level work
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College student has to do college level work
How i felt when i was in high school.  How i feel in college
When you know the assignment you submitted was terrible but you're glad that it's done.
Me getting the relaxation i deserve after putting my name and the date on what's supposed to be a 12 page paper
Finish assignment. Close 36 tabs.
9 year old child genius to graduate university with electrical engineering degree. 23 year old me
When someone sits in your assigned seat in college. That's my spot. You're in my spot.
When a teacher says you can't use Wikipedia as a reference so you use the references from Wikipedia as the source
What i do when a teacher says this cannot be done the night before. Adhere to the warning. Take it as a personal challenge.
When you lie on your resume but still get the job
Let's put all the deadlines on the same week
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