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When you look up during your exam and make eye contact with your teacher. Please help.
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When you use furthermore in an essay
Me: I have to stop procrastinating and do all of this work. Me 5 minutes later.
Sprinkling references into my essay that i didn't even read
High school teacher. I don't share my political views in the classroom. That's unprofessional. College professor. Who can tell me the square root of f..k Trump?
Maybe if I just lay here instead of studying all the information will come to me
Our teacher assigned an essay today. After 20 minutes, i looked over at the guy next to me. Looks like he's making decent progress.
I'll write that assignment for you
When you've submitted an essay and waiting to see how much plagiarism Turnitin picks up on
School life. University life.
Spring Break. Forever alone
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