Date Memes

When tomorrow is the last date of assignment submission
Me getting the relaxation i deserve after putting my name and the date on what's supposed to be a 12 page paper
If tomorrow isn't the due date, today isn't the do date
Professor: what inspired you to write this essay? Me: The due date.
Me after writing my name and the date on an essay
Seems legit. Parents signature: Mom. Date: Today.
University Memes
Study memes me
High school teacher. I don't share my political views in the classroom. That's unprofessional. College professor. Who can tell me the square root of f..k Trump?
Me when my professor won't round my 64% to an A
Studying. The world's leading cause of spontaneous napping
That moment when even Google can't help you with your homework. The lord is testing me
Exam instructions. Crying is allowed but please do so quietly. Do not wipe tears on exam paper. Good luck.
Lecturer: this is not an assignment you can complete overnight. Me: Bet.
Me doing any assignment., I'm going to make this way harder than it needs to be.
Life at university. Deadlines. Sleep. Responsibilities
Real life jobs that use Algebra
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