Deadline Memes

When your assignment is due in three weeks vs the night before it's due
Me. Deadline. A nap.
Turnitin. Me uploading my assignment at 23:59
When you know you have three whole weeks to finish your assignment  but you plan on doing it all the night before. It will end in tears.
Life in college. Me, bills, sleep, work, deadlines, responsibility
A student in bed will remain in bed until acted upon by a large enough panic. Newton's lesser known fourth law.
When it's 5am and ur not done with ur essay but you see the sun rising
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University Memes
When you get an A on the test and didn't study
After 4 hours of writing an essay
Shouldn't you be writing
Me finishing the semester
Finish assignment. Close 36 tabs.
Studying with friends. Expectation. Reality
College student has to do college level work
Finishing the essay that's due tomorrow. Look at memes.
Prof. Don't show up outside my office at the end of the semester asking me for extra credit. Me at the end of the semester.
When the lecturer says "this assignment isn't too difficult, it should only take a few hours" but it ends up destroying your life. I trusted you.
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