Desk Memes

My uni lecturer has a photo of him sitting on his desk on the window. I paid 9k to these trolls.
University Memes
When your lecturer announces you have a group assignment that's worth 40%
John 26 yrs old. University is not stressful at all.
When you lie on your resume but still get the job
Reading the first question on a test
When you realize there ain't no jobs in the field you majored in
You can't finish this assignment in one day. Challenge accepted.
My freshman year of college. Things i brought with me. Things i need.
You get an essay, you get an essay, everyone gets and essay
High school teacher. I don't share my political views in the classroom. That's unprofessional. College professor. Who can tell me the square root of f..k Trump?
I don't always read your essays but when i do I'm usually disappointed
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