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When your friends argue if the answer was Doppler effect or Brownian motion and your answer was Zimbabwe
University Memes
When someone sits in your assigned seat in college. That's my spot. You're in my spot.
My freshman year of college. Things i brought with me. Things i need.
Essay maximum 2500 words 2493
Me reading over my homies essay to help ensure he gets the best grade possible
Submitting an assignment without first proofreading it like
When you don't have Uni so you do nothing all day, then you regret doing nothing all day
The study guide. The actual test.
Got my outfit for lectures sorted. I have given up.
Me: I have to stop procrastinating and do all of this work. Me 5 minutes later.
Thinking about going on a night out vs one second later when you remember you have exams to revise for
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