Exam day
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Exam day
Finally, Spring break
2020 graduation pictures
Me not studying but also being aware that every second I spend doing nothing is increasing the probability of my failure but still not being bothered to study but still panicking
A student in bed will remain in bed until acted upon by a large enough panic. Newton's lesser known fourth law.
When the lecturer says "this assignment isn't too difficult, it should only take a few hours" but it ends up destroying your life. I trusted you.
Going to class. Watching YouTube videos
Hmmm, i really should start learning, Computer says "No"
My degree. It does nothing!
When you finally allow some relaxation time but your friend messages you asking if you've done the assignment yet
Dreary Saturday afternoon. I'm bored of all of my games. Weekend before finals., Oh my god I love all of my games.
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