Facebook Memes

Facebook, please. I'm trying to work. Check me! Check meee!. Revising.
Whenever i try to study. Facebook. Instagram. WhatsApp.
University Memes
Going into my exams like. Do stuff.
Me not studying but also being aware that every second I spend doing nothing is increasing the probability of my failure but still not being bothered to study but still panicking
When you have an essay to do. When you finish the essay
The essay writing process.
When you don't go to class but your friend helps you sign your lecture attendance
When the teacher asks if you have any questions, but you sit there in silence because you don't even known what you don't even know
When someone sits in your assigned seat in college. That's my spot. You're in my spot.
Well that's one way around turning in a late essay
2020 graduation pictures
I understand nothing
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