Fk Memes

High school teacher. I don't share my political views in the classroom. That's unprofessional. College professor. Who can tell me the square root of f..k Trump?
University Memes
When you discover the deadline is tomorrow
That moment when the test is so hard that you have to check if you're still alive
Me after missing every lecture of the year but then showing up to the final one right before the exam. Extinct animal last seen in 1941 makes an appearance.
Studying. The world's leading cause of spontaneous napping
Too tired to study too wired to sleep
What is happening on the blackboard. What is happening in my head.
And just like that poof weekend gone
How i felt when i was in high school.  How i feel in college
Spring break 1260 A.D.
Me acting surprised when i get a bad grade for an assignment i did overnight
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