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Uni is giving us free iPads. My university gave me free depression
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When your friends argue if the answer was Doppler effect or Brownian motion and your answer was Zimbabwe
When it's 5am and ur not done with ur essay but you see the sun rising
Student drop off. Town landfill
Turnitin are you sure you want to submit this essay
Copied test for classmate. Got higher mark than him.
When will i start studying. Tomorrow
I'll start work at 7. I'll start work at 8. I'll start work at 9. Why are you like this.
That moment when even Google can't help you with your homework. The lord is testing me
When you've procrastinated your assignment for weeks because you thought it't be easy and now it's time to start and it's all too much
9 year old child genius to graduate university with electrical engineering degree. 23 year old me
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