Graduation Memes

2020 graduation pictures
If graduation caps reflected how you actually spent all your time in college
When you realize there ain't no jobs in the field you majored in
After graduation. Do you have a plan? I don't even have a pla.
University Memes
Professor Dog. How to be a good boy. Help, I find my teacher cute.
Me: Is should study for this test. My mom: Study for you test. Me: Well now i am not doing it. Happens every time.
When you realise how much you have to revise
My essay. Turnitin at 11:59 pm. Hey wait! stop! I have garbage!
Yes coffee
Me acting surprised when i get a bad grade for an assignment i did overnight
How's your semester going? #crazy
Well that's one way around turning in a late essay
Waking up for a 9am lecture like Everything hurts and I'm dying
I reckon it'll be fine if i reference Wikipedia
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