Group Memes

When you're the only one contributing to a group project
When all the lazy students get put in the same presentation group
Everyone else in the group assignment. Me.
Theory behind group project. My group project. Teamwork. 25% credit. 100% work.
When your lecturer announces you have a group assignment that's worth 40%
When i die, i want the people i did group projects with to lower me into my grave so they can let me down one last time
University Memes
Please state your name,major, and a fun fact about yourself
At school: There's still a minute left of class, sit down! At university: We still have 20 minutes left but i'm done teaching so bye
Students be like. Just to be sure.
When the teacher is watching you during a test... and you pretend that you're at least trying to think
Finish assignment. Close 36 tabs.
Turnitin are you sure you want to submit this essay
Me adding nevertheless in my essay for a lil razzle dazzle
When it's 5am and ur not done with ur essay but you see the sun rising
That's how i spent my time in college. I'm on the right.
Going to class. Watching YouTube videos
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