Guest Memes

Comes back home from college. Parents: Clean up my house. Me. This is not my house. I'm a guest.
University Memes
That's how i spent my time in college. I'm on the right.
Your final answer was correct but you lose points for not working it out in my specific way
2 am Finish writing essay. Hmm, yes, this is quite the literary masterpiece. 7 an Rereading essay before print. This doesn't make sense at all.
I understand nothing
How it feels accepting student loans
Me, when i have to complete my 300 word essay
1500 word essay due tomorrow. Ain't nobody got time for that.
Hey, wanna hear a joke. Sure. A job. I don't get it. I know you don't
What helped you most when completing this assignment?
Me when my professor won't round my 64% to an A
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