Happy Memes

Exams are finished i have my life back
When the topic you studied for actually shows up on the exam
Finish assignment. Close 36 tabs.
Assignment complete
When you have an essay to do. When you finish the essay
When you see memes about going back to university but you've already graduated
When the teacher uses your name as a good example
University Memes
You need to start your essay earlier next time
Family: how your grades looking?
When you get an A on the test and didn't study
My uni lecturer has a photo of him sitting on his desk on the window. I paid 9k to these trolls.
Assignment deadlines coming at me like
Got my outfit for lectures sorted. I have given up.
Even staring at a wall becomes interesting while studying
When you know the assignment you submitted was terrible but you're glad that it's done.
When uni is killing you but you haven't got time to die as you have too much work to do
Only in University can you go to a lecture and not pay attention at all but still be proud of yourself because at least you went
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