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Hey, wanna hear a joke. Sure. A job. I don't get it. I know you don't
University Memes
School life. University life.
When you stay up all night to finish an assignment you procrastinated on only to go to class the next day and the professor extended the deadline because nobody else did it
I'm putting my grades up for adoption because i can't raise them myself
My assignment: Overdue. My bed: Winks. Me.
When the lecturer says "this assignment isn't too difficult, it should only take a few hours" but it ends up destroying your life. I trusted you.
My heart. Similarity. Turnitin. Plaigarism.
Essay writing stress level 1000
When you get a 100 on your essay. Out of 200.
Student drop off. Town landfill
Sprinkling references into my essay that i didn't even read
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