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Me reading over my homies essay to help ensure he gets the best grade possible
How's you're essay going. All is not well in waffleville
John 26 yrs old. University is not stressful at all.
Friend: how are things? Me. things are good! Narrator. things were not good
Essay writing stress level 1000
Math class. Me in math class.
I don't know what i'm writing about
When you look up during your exam and make eye contact with your teacher. Please help.
Three pages into writing the paper I realize that i have no idea what i'm doing
Am i finishing my degree or is my degree finishing me
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University Memes
Hands in assignment. Gets new assignment on same day
Whenever i try to study. Facebook. Instagram. WhatsApp.
A day may come when i start my assignments. But it is not this day.
When you take a 10 minute study break and it accidental lasts the entire year
When the assignment is due Friday but today is Wednesday
Taking a well deserved break after writing the title of an assignment
Quarantine day 1 . Quarantine day 514527283.
When tomorrow is the last date of assignment submission
Me, when i have to complete my 300 word essay
Guess who says they're going to start their assignment but never does.
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