Home Memes

Me rushing home after Uni to do absolutely nothing
My plan for when i fail my degree. Stay at home daughter.
As soon as i get home I'm going to make a start on my assignment. The minute i get home.
College kids calling home for the first time in 3 months. I am once again asking for your financial support.
Comes back home from college. Parents: Clean up my house. Me. This is not my house. I'm a guest.
When ya bring a girl home from a party and your roommates see
University Memes
Turnitin are you sure you want to submit this essay
How i sleep knowing my lecture started 30 minutes ago
When you look up during your exam and make eye contact with your teacher. Please help.
When you know the assignment you submitted was terrible but you're glad that it's done.
When you're off and they call and ask can you come in
This homework looks hard. Do you want me to eat it?
The study guide. The actual test.
Me. Deadline. A nap.
My plan for when i fail my degree. Stay at home daughter.
Studying with friends. Expectation. Reality
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