Joke Memes

Tell the punchline first

How do you ruin a joke?
Hey, wanna hear a joke. Sure. A job. I don't get it. I know you don't
I'm putting my grades up for adoption because i can't raise them myself
University Memes
What do you do with your day if you aren't doing your assignment? Procrastination.
Only in University can you go to a lecture and not pay attention at all but still be proud of yourself because at least you went
When i die, i want the people i did group projects with to lower me into my grave so they can let me down one last time
College student has to do college level work
Me after missing every lecture of the year but then showing up to the final one right before the exam. Extinct animal last seen in 1941 makes an appearance.
One day before the exam i become the most religious person on Earth
Cites Wikipedia article. Cites sources in Wikipedia artcile.
It's the government's fault i can't find a better job, Major in medieval literature
Real life jobs that use Algebra
Quarantine day 1 . Quarantine day 514527283.
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