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The journey to completing an assignment
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To study or not to study. That is the question.
2 am Finish writing essay. Hmm, yes, this is quite the literary masterpiece. 7 an Rereading essay before print. This doesn't make sense at all.
Assignment due at 12pm. I too like to live dangerously.
When you just sat down and someone calls your name
Exams. My preparation.
When you're writing an essay and trying to hit that 500 word count
Eating in college. Expectations. Reality.
When the teacher says they'll take points off your paper for every day you don't turn it in. It's not about how much we lost... It's about how much we have left.
Quarantine day 1 . Quarantine day 514527283.
My plan for when i fail my degree. Stay at home daughter.
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