Late Memes

When tomorrow is the last date of assignment submission
Assignment deadlines coming at me like
When you start your essay the day its due
Me getting ready for my 9 am lecture at 10:37 am
My uni experience summed up. Sorry I'm late. What happened? Nothing, I just really didn't want to come.
Late work. Oh you have a good reason
Well that's one way around turning in a late essay
University Memes
If you liked it then you should have put a citation on it
Studying for finals. Time spent studying. Time spent calculating score needed for final exam in order to get a passing grade for class
Me: why haven't i made any friends at uni? Also me as soon as a lecture ends.
Before entering my exams
Essay maximum 2500 words 2493
When your teacher won't round your 39% to an A. Y tho.
Exam results. Girls marks. Boys marks.
Philosophy students why?
You should be studying
5 minutes into starting an assignment like... tiredness can kill, take a break
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