Mandatory Memes

Professor: attendance isn't mandatory
University Memes
9am lecture. Stay in bed or fall asleep in the lecture hall anyway
Me at the start of uni vs me 5 months in
I'll start work at 7. I'll start work at 8. I'll start work at 9. Why are you like this.
I'm putting my grades up for adoption because i can't raise them myself
When you realize there ain't no jobs in the field you majored in
If this doesn't sum up my uni experience so far. Why do dogs and cats not get along.
Facebook, please. I'm trying to work. Check me! Check meee!. Revising.
A day may come when i start my assignments. But it is not this day.
When the teacher is watching you during a test... and you pretend that you're at least trying to think
When your kid draws a picture of you
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