Me begging myself to study
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Me begging myself to study
Me trying to study for finals instead of doing important things like not studying. Bro, I'm straight up not having a good time.
Me looking for my will to study. Will.
An essay should be like a girls skirt. Long enough to cover everything but short enough to keep it interesting.
Literally everyone at uni after 3pm
Assignment due at 12pm. I too like to live dangerously.
The completing an entire assignment in one night starter pack
Quarantine day 1 . Quarantine day 514527283.
When you had 3 weeks to finish your assignment but you still left it all until the night before it's due. Accepting your death.
The study guide. The actual test.
Dreary Saturday afternoon. I'm bored of all of my games. Weekend before finals., Oh my god I love all of my games.
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