Motivation Memes

You should be studying
Just keep writing. Just keep writing.
University Memes
I don't know what i'm writing about
That moment when you complete your assignment just before the deadline
Find X. Here it is. Calm down calm down
Getting positive feedback on an assignment
When you think about all the weird answers you wrote on the exam
When you're so over an assignment and you know proofreading it will just make you sad
What's your GPA. I'm a human being, I make mistakes, I'm flawed, we all are.
High school teacher: You'll learn this at University. University lecturer: You learned this in high school
Prof. Don't show up outside my office at the end of the semester asking me for extra credit. Me at the end of the semester.
Me: Is should study for this test. My mom: Study for you test. Me: Well now i am not doing it. Happens every time.
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