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The completing an entire assignment in one night starter pack
The "I don't know how i failed that exam" starter pack
University Memes
How's studying going. My nap was great, thanks for asking.
Only in University can you go to a lecture and not pay attention at all but still be proud of yourself because at least you went
My relatives: how's college going for you so far? Me: I have no idea what I'm doing but i know I'm dong it really really well
When you realise how much you have to revise
When it's 5am and ur not done with ur essay but you see the sun rising
Death by dissertation
Professor Dog. How to be a good boy. Help, I find my teacher cute.
Me in high school taking 8 classes and staying for extracurriculars. Me in college when i have more than 2 classes in a single day.
Me acting surprised when i get a bad grade for an assignment i did overnight
5 minutes into starting an assignment like... tiredness can kill, take a break
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