Project Memes

When you're the only one contributing to a group project
Theory behind group project. My group project. Teamwork. 25% credit. 100% work.
When i die, i want the people i did group projects with to lower me into my grave so they can let me down one last time
University Memes
Submitting an essay like
Me: has been writing for hours. My word count.
High school teacher. I don't share my political views in the classroom. That's unprofessional. College professor. Who can tell me the square root of f..k Trump?
College is just an endless cycle of cleaning your dorm room instead of doing your assignment in an effort to feel more in control of your life.
I just want to graduate
When I'm on campus and I see high school students on tours.
When you actually get out of bed and go to uni for an hour
Professor: The test won't be that difficult. Me. TO YOU.
Guess who says they're going to start their assignment but never does.
Before entering my exams
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