Quarantine day 1 . Quarantine day 514527283.
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Quarantine day 1 . Quarantine day 514527283.
How i felt when i was in high school.  How i feel in college
Studying = Student + Dying
When someone talks about having a 4.0 GPA
Me at the beginning of the semester vs me now
When ya bring a girl home from a party and your roommates see
Me having a meeting with myself to get my life together
When you Google a test question and the whole test comes up
Dreary Saturday afternoon. I'm bored of all of my games. Weekend before finals., Oh my god I love all of my games.
Our teacher assigned an essay today. After 20 minutes, i looked over at the guy next to me. Looks like he's making decent progress.
When you look up during your exam and make eye contact with your teacher. Please help.
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