Question Memes

To study or not to study. That is the question.
Short essay question
When you see the first questions on your final and already know you're going to fail
Multiple choice questions be like
When you Google a test question and the whole test comes up
Reading the first question on a test
When the only question you know on the test is your name
When the teacher asks if you have any questions, but you sit there in silence because you don't even known what you don't even know
When question 1 is hard af so you skip to question 2 but question 2 is based on your answer from question 1
University Memes
Lecturer: this is not an assignment you can complete overnight. Me: Bet.
My mom during quarantine.  My favorite food which i asked for.
Professor Dog. How to be a good boy. Help, I find my teacher cute.
When you know you've not done well but you're just proud you've finished your assignment
Me looking for my will to study. Will.
Spring Break. Forever alone
First year of uni vs final year of university
Scared of exam
Thank you, student loans, for helping me get through college. I don't think i can ever repay you.
Deadlines. Good morning.
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