Ready Memes

Getting ready for life after university
Going into next semester like. I am ready to get hurt again.
Me getting ready for my 9 am lecture at 10:37 am
University Memes
Exam instructions. Crying is allowed but please do so quietly. Do not wipe tears on exam paper. Good luck.
I'll start work at 7. I'll start work at 8. I'll start work at 9. Why are you like this.
When i'm on internet instead of studying. I am running away from my responsibilities and it feels good.
When the teacher asks if you have any questions, but you sit there in silence because you don't even known what you don't even know
College kids calling home for the first time in 3 months. I am once again asking for your financial support.
Spring break budget
When you think about all the weird answers you wrote on the exam
When your kid draws a picture of you
Yes coffee
Taking a well deserved break after writing the title of an assignment
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