Scared Memes

I look forward to reading your essay. No pressure
Scared of exam
I don't know what my GPA is and at this point I'm afraid to look
When question 1 is hard af so you skip to question 2 but question 2 is based on your answer from question 1
The study guide. The actual test.
University Memes
Every student right now. I'm fine. It's just that life is pointless and nothing matters and I'm always tired.
Before entering my exams
Hands in assignment. Gets new assignment on same day
Interviewer: What are your skills? Me:
When all the lazy students get put in the same presentation group
Spring break budget
Submitting an assignment without first proofreading it like
You need to start your essay earlier next time
When everyone already finished school but you still have exams
Too tired to study too wired to sleep
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