Sleep Memes

Friends: how long did you sleep for? Me: 8 Friend: Hours? Me Minutes
When someone tries to wake me up before 10am
University has me like sleep stress relief energy
Me. Deadline. A nap.
When you broke so you have to go to sleep for dinner
Life in college. Me, bills, sleep, work, deadlines, responsibility
A student in bed will remain in bed until acted upon by a large enough panic. Newton's lesser known fourth law.
When you study a lot but get bad grades and no sleep
When it's 5am and ur not done with ur essay but you see the sun rising
Me in high school taking 8 classes and staying for extracurriculars. Me in college when i have more than 2 classes in a single day.
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University Memes
Uni is giving us free iPads. My university gave me free depression
When the professor keep you the whole time the first day
Me: things can't possibly get any worse. Things:
When the teacher keeps asking about that assignment we had to do on the weekend
Thinking about going on a night out vs one second later when you remember you have exams to revise for
When your assignment is due in three weeks vs the night before it's due
There's a gap in your CV, what did you do in 2020? I was washing my hands.
Real life jobs that use Algebra
When you use furthermore in an essay
When you keep checking word count every 30 minutes and demand your computer do a recount
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