Social Memes

Sleep, friends, social life. Essay due tomorrow. Me.
Student life. coffee, no sleep, assignment, no dating, stress, no social life.
University Memes
University has me like sleep stress relief energy
When your teacher won't round your 39% to an A. Y tho.
Exam instructions. Crying is allowed but please do so quietly. Do not wipe tears on exam paper. Good luck.
College ID photo FB ID photo
Your resume. When you show up to the interview.
Turnitin. Me uploading my assignment at 23:59
You do one half of the assignment i'll do the other half and we'll join it together
Me when i finally finish the assignment that has been destroying my life for weeks
When you get up for work at 7:00 am
When u got like 15 essays 4 assignments and 6 exams to study for and u just chill in bed contemplating ur whole life
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