Spring Memes

Spring break plans are looking like
Spring break budget
Spring Break. Forever alone
Finally, Spring break
Spring break 1260 A.D.
University Memes
Me: has been writing for hours. My word count.
Professor Dog. How to be a good boy. Help, I find my teacher cute.
Finals are approaching fast. I'd better rest now so i'm not tired when i decide to study
When you actually get out of bed and go to uni for an hour
Battery run out too much dissertation
Me outside of uni vs me on my way to uni
Theory behind group project. My group project. Teamwork. 25% credit. 100% work.
Okay only a few drinks, nothing too crazy. Me at 3am
Taking a well deserved break after writing the title of an assignment
Ugh I have to finish the essay. Me whispering to myself while I do everything but the essay.
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