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When you left an assignment until the last minute because you thought it would be easy, but then you start it and realise you have no hope.
Guess who says they're going to start their assignment but never does.
When you left an assignment until the last minute because you thought it would be easy but then you start it and realize it's actually impossible
A day may come when i start my assignments. But it is not this day.
I'll start work at 7. I'll start work at 8. I'll start work at 9. Why are you like this.
Are you going to start your assignment early. No. No, but in red.
When you start your essay the day its due
You need to start your essay earlier next time
Hmmm, i really should start learning, Computer says "No"
As soon as i get home I'm going to make a start on my assignment. The minute i get home.
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University Memes
Ask me about my dissertation paper one more time
I don't always read your essays but when i do I'm usually disappointed
How i sleep knowing my lecture started 30 minutes ago
It's the government's fault i can't find a better job, Major in medieval literature
Studying for finals. Time spent studying. Time spent calculating score needed for final exam in order to get a passing grade for class
If ever a picture described college, this is it
Me after 15 minutes of studying. Lol
Dreary Saturday afternoon. I'm bored of all of my games. Weekend before finals., Oh my god I love all of my games.
Me studying with a hangover
Prof. Don't show up outside my office at the end of the semester asking me for extra credit. Me at the end of the semester.
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