Straight Memes

Me trying to study for finals instead of doing important things like not studying. Bro, I'm straight up not having a good time.
University Memes
To study or not to study. That is the question.
Before entering my exams
When you left an assignment until the last minute because you thought it would be easy, but then you start it and realise you have no hope.
Me getting ready for my 9 am lecture at 10:37 am
Turnitin are you sure you want to submit this essay
When you know the assignment you submitted was terrible but you're glad that it's done.
Let's get high grades on the exam next week
When u got like 15 essays 4 assignments and 6 exams to study for and u just chill in bed contemplating ur whole life
Your resume. When you show up to the interview.
Me rushing home after Uni to do absolutely nothing
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