Stress Memes

Student life. coffee, no sleep, assignment, no dating, stress, no social life.
John 26 yrs old. University is not stressful at all.
Essay writing stress level 1000
The essay writing process.
Am i finishing my degree or is my degree finishing me
University has me like sleep stress relief energy
Accurate representation of me dealing with university stress
Me finishing the semester
University Memes
I'll start work at 7. I'll start work at 8. I'll start work at 9. Why are you like this.
I don't always read your essays but when i do I'm usually disappointed
So, why do you want to work for our company. Me:
Assignment deadlines coming at me like
You get an essay, you get an essay, everyone gets and essay
Studying is just a combination of student and dying
Finally, Spring break
Death by dissertation
When you study a lot but get bad grades and no sleep
When will i start studying. Tomorrow
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