Student Life Problems Memes

Comes back home from college. Parents: Clean up my house. Me. This is not my house. I'm a guest.
Me having a meeting with myself to get my life together
Me in high school taking 8 classes and staying for extracurriculars. Me in college when i have more than 2 classes in a single day.
Me at the beginning of the semester vs me now
College life. Final year.
Write a personal statement. I don't even know who i am anymore
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University Memes
My mom during quarantine.  My favorite food which i asked for.
Life at university. Deadlines. Sleep. Responsibilities
Revision level cat
Everyone else in the group assignment. Me.
Party like a freshman
An now we ray to the Turnitin gods
When you get an A on the test and didn't study
University has me like sleep stress relief energy
I'm putting my grades up for adoption because i can't raise them myself
When you Google a test question and the whole test comes up
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