Student Life Memes

Student life
5 minutes into starting an assignment like... tiredness can kill, take a break
Friend: how are things? Me. things are good! Narrator. things were not good
Last five minutes of exam
Today my day is going to be very productive. So close
University life. First semester. Last semester.
Students be like. Just to be sure.
Me getting ready for my 9 am lecture at 10:37 am
Me rewarding myself after opening my laptop, opening up the appropriate PowerPoint slides, and arranging my notes neatly
If this doesn't sum up my uni experience so far. Why do dogs and cats not get along.
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University Memes
When your friends argue if the answer was Doppler effect or Brownian motion and your answer was Zimbabwe
After graduation. Do you have a plan? I don't even have a pla.
When you have to teach yourself the entire subject because the professor is completely useless
Finishing the essay that's due tomorrow. Look at memes.
Do you like my paper, professor? I wrote it with my tears
When u got like 15 essays 4 assignments and 6 exams to study for and u just chill in bed contemplating ur whole life
Hands in assignment. Gets new assignment on same day
When you actually get out of bed and go to uni for an hour
Keep calm and act like you know what your're doing
If you liked it then you should have put a citation on it
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