Studying = Student + Dying
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Studying = Student + Dying
When you attend family events and they ask what you do for a living. Professional student.
When u got like 15 essays 4 assignments and 6 exams to study for and u just chill in bed contemplating ur whole life
When you get an A on the test and didn't study
Copied test for classmate. Got higher mark than him.
Me outside of uni vs me on my way to uni
My essay. Turnitin at 11:59 pm. Hey wait! stop! I have garbage!
Me rewarding myself after writing my name and the title on an assignment
That feeling you get when you finish your essay
When I'm on campus and I see high school students on tours.
Thank you, student loans, for helping me get through college. I don't think i can ever repay you.
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