Studying Memes

When i'm on internet instead of studying. I am running away from my responsibilities and it feels good.
Me: Is should study for this test. My mom: Study for you test. Me: Well now i am not doing it. Happens every time.
Me not studying but also being aware that every second I spend doing nothing is increasing the probability of my failure but still not being bothered to study but still panicking
When will i start studying. Tomorrow
Maybe if I just lay here instead of studying all the information will come to me
Me studying with a hangover
Me trying to study for finals instead of doing important things like not studying. Bro, I'm straight up not having a good time.
When you take a 10 minute study break and it accidental lasts the entire year
Studying with friends. Expectation. Reality
Me after studying for 10 minutes
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University Memes
Me: things can't possibly get any worse. Things:
Me doing any assignment., I'm going to make this way harder than it needs to be.
Whenever i try to study. Facebook. Instagram. WhatsApp.
Maybe if I just lay here instead of studying all the information will come to me
When you have an essay to do. When you finish the essay
That answer was too easy. I did something wrong.
Are you going to start your assignment early. No. No, but in red.
Going into next semester like. I am ready to get hurt again.
If tomorrow isn't the due date, today isn't the do date
And for further information you can buy the book named. How about no.
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