Teacher Memes

When a student asks for a deadline extension
When your teacher thinks you're studying but you actually having a fiesta.
Your final answer was correct but you lose points for not working it out in my specific way
When your teacher asks you to turn in your essay but you ain't no snitch
When the teacher keeps asking about that assignment we had to do on the weekend
What i do when a teacher says this cannot be done the night before. Adhere to the warning. Take it as a personal challenge.
Oh look, my teacher just assigned another assignment. How splendid
I look forward to reading your essay. No pressure
When you have to teach yourself the entire subject because the professor is completely useless
Let's put all the deadlines on the same week
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University Memes
Studying with friends. Expectation. Reality
I study. I take the test. I pass it. I forget what i learned.
Essay length 400-500 words. 400 it is.
Going into next semester like. I am ready to get hurt again.
When you don't go to class but your friend helps you sign your lecture attendance
Theory behind group project. My group project. Teamwork. 25% credit. 100% work.
Me at the start of uni vs me 5 months in
If this doesn't sum up my uni experience so far. Why do dogs and cats not get along.
Me looking for my will to study. Will.
Me applying to jobs with zero work experience and nothing to put on my resume. Alex. Former Child
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