That feeling you get when you finish your essay
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That feeling you get when you finish your essay
Professor: Don't show up outside my office two weeks before finals asking for extra credit, it's not gonna happen. Me:
When your friends argue if the answer was Doppler effect or Brownian motion and your answer was Zimbabwe
Finals are approaching fast. I'd better rest now so i'm not tired when i decide to study
You should be studying
After graduation. Do you have a plan? I don't even have a pla.
Ugh I have to finish the essay. Me whispering to myself while I do everything but the essay.
Me rewarding myself after writing my name and the title on an assignment
Everyone else in the group assignment. Me.
How is your semester going?
When you've procrastinated your assignment for weeks because you thought it't be easy and now it's time to start and it's all too much
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