Tired Memes

Too tired to study too wired to sleep
Me after 15 minutes of studying. Lol
Me: I have to stop procrastinating and do all of this work. Me 5 minutes later.
Me, opening my eyes to see i have two minutes left before my alarm clock goes off.
Every student right now. I'm fine. It's just that life is pointless and nothing matters and I'm always tired.
Me trying to pay attention in my 9am lecture
Friends: how long did you sleep for? Me: 8 Friend: Hours? Me Minutes
When someone tries to wake me up before 10am
Waking up for a 9am lecture like Everything hurts and I'm dying
University has me like sleep stress relief energy
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University Memes
In Bangkok University student are made to wear anti cheating helmets during midterm exams
Accurate representation of me dealing with university stress
When i'm on internet instead of studying. I am running away from my responsibilities and it feels good.
How i felt when i was in high school.  How i feel in college
My exams are finished! Freedom!!!!
Me: why haven't i made any friends at uni? Also me as soon as a lecture ends.
Spring break 1260 A.D.
Assignment complete
How you look when you about to go for your first job interview
Comes back home from college. Parents: Clean up my house. Me. This is not my house. I'm a guest.
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