Washing Memes

There's a gap in your CV, what did you do in 2020? I was washing my hands.
University Memes
After graduation. Do you have a plan? I don't even have a pla.
Studying for finals. Time spent studying. Time spent calculating score needed for final exam in order to get a passing grade for class
College kids calling home for the first time in 3 months. I am once again asking for your financial support.
Before uni vs after uni
When you Google a test question and the whole test comes up
Going into next semester like. I am ready to get hurt again.
When you get a 100 on your essay. Out of 200.
Life at university. Deadlines. Sleep. Responsibilities
Going into my exams like. Do stuff.
Facebook, please. I'm trying to work. Check me! Check meee!. Revising.
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