Wearing Memes

Why are we wearing lab coat at school lab? Protect from chemicals. Feel like a scientist. Feel like a scientist.
University Memes
When the teacher says they'll take points off your paper for every day you don't turn it in. It's not about how much we lost... It's about how much we have left.
Me. Doesn't do any assignments. Professor. You're failing the class. Me.
When you keep checking word count every 30 minutes and demand your computer do a recount
Trying to study? Let me help you
Due tomorrow? Do tomorrow
When you fail the exam. When you find out your best friend failed too
Okay only a few drinks, nothing too crazy. Me at 3am
Writing an essay and getting to the second paragraph
Me when i finally finish the assignment that has been destroying my life for weeks
Ugh I have to finish the essay. Me whispering to myself while I do everything but the essay.
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