Weekend Memes

And just like that poof weekend gone
When the teacher keeps asking about that assignment we had to do on the weekend
Dreary Saturday afternoon. I'm bored of all of my games. Weekend before finals., Oh my god I love all of my games.
When you don't have Uni so you do nothing all day, then you regret doing nothing all day
When u said u were gonna be productive this weekend, but now its Sunday and all u did was get fatter.
University Memes
Last five minutes of exam
Me: why haven't i made any friends at uni? Also me as soon as a lecture ends.
Okay only a few drinks, nothing too crazy. Me at 3am
After a math test
Me having a meeting with myself to get my life together
Due tomorrow? Do tomorrow
When you crawl into class to turn in an assignment after an all-nighter
Professor: This essay was supposed to be 15 pages, why is there only one page where? Me. It ain't much, but it's honest work.
My plan for when i fail my degree. Stay at home daughter.
Deadlines. Good morning.
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